Let our knights fight your cyber battle. We cover architecture, tech, controls, configurations & all.


Let us demystify your data puzzle. Its a new beast unleashed. Tame it with us before it puts you in the cage.


Statutory, Regulatory or Contractual compliance requirements. Internal or supplier audits, we can help with all.

About Us

CYBERSEC KNIGHTS is a team of passionate & highly experienced cyber warriors with unmatched skills from multiple domains of information & cyber security. We provide various services around security consulting, governance, risk assessment, compliance audit, security testing, skill building & awareness etc. to companies ranging from small to large enterprises. We aim to build a long-term strategic relationships with our clients delivering quality advisory & an assured support.

Customer-Centric being our core value, our team work closely with our clients to understand their requirements & challenges before providing diverse group of personnel, products, & tailored solutions and services. Our skilled workforce, professional approach and core values have earned us goodwill and several leading organizations have shown their faith in us. They enjoy working in safe environment crafted by us and concentrating fully on their core business activities.

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Our Services

We help organizations build their cyber security strategy, roadmap & tactical plans, which are closely aligned with strategic business objectives. Our services help our clients to manage their risk & bring it down to the acceptable level. Our cyber security services offer tremendous monetary and non-monetary value to the clients. Imparting knowledge is core component of our delivery, where we upskill the client team & prepare them to deal with future challenges. Let us be your sole Cyber Security Mentor or allow us to augment your existing capabilities and resolving your most complex security issues.


Get an experienced leader to safeguard your organization in current dynamic cyber world.

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Security Consulting

Get the most trusted advice, whenever you are in doubt.

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Risk & Compliance

Bring effective Governance to your Risk and Compliance management.

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Security Testing

Uncover your security weaknesses before hackers do

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Skill Building & Awareness

Strengthen your weakest link in cyber security.

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Customized Solutions

We understand each environment is different & has it's own requirements. Therefore we don't offer out of box solutions but customize our offerings as per your needs and help you grow your business.

Proven Expertise

We are a team of highly skilled resources with specialization in different security domains & exposure from varied industrial background. This enables us to understand client requirements better & offer them comprehensive solutions.

Flexible delivery

We propose our methodology for delivery & freeze it only after getting concurrence from our clients. We even remain flexible during the execution to accommodate all possible requirements surfacing on account of changing threat landscape or business requirements.

Value for Money

We offer our service at best in class pricing & always ensure our clients do get value more than what they pay us as part of engagement.

Value driven

CYBERSEC KNIGHTS has enriched it's culture based on core values of Customer-Centric, Professionalism, Commitment, Transparency & Relationship. We prefer losing business than losing our core values.

Continuous improvement

We continues to improve ourselves with each delivery & feedback of our clients is at the core of it. We value each relationship, accept their comments (+ve or -ve) as valuable feedback & strive to improve at every possible avenue.

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