Best Cyber Security Practices For Small & Medium Size Business

In a world where technology is blooming every day, there is a continuous risk of becoming a victim of an unwanted and dangerous cyberattack. As we believe, every problem comes with a solution, the same applies to cyberattacks. The solution for this issue is protecting your business with top-notch cybersecurity practices and the right set of controls.

Wait… Are you aware of what cybersecurity is? Before moving forward with some enthralling tips for you, let’s get acquainted with the meaning and the benefit of cybersecurity.

The practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks is known as cybersecurity. Cyber Security protects you from Cyberattacks, which are typically aimed at gaining access to, altering, or destroying sensitive data, extorting money from users, or disrupting normal business processes.

Some of advantages of adopting cyber security best practices are:

  • It can protect your business and its reputation.
  • It protects the personal information processed by your organization.
  • It provides your employees a safe and secure work environment.
  • It leads to an increase in productivity by keeping them away from cyber risks.
  • It prevents you from unnecessary production downtime.
  • It helps to increase the confidence in your customers and helps you with the business growth.
  • By preventing any possible data breach, it also avoids any legal consequences.

It has been observed that the entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses think that they are less prone to cyber-attacks. But in reality, they are the prime targets of cyber criminals because of following reasons

Reason 1 – Small scale businesses are short on budget and skill set. In absence of required controls and practices, they are very vulnerable. Cyber criminals can easily hack into their infrastructure and can take any adverse action.

Reason 2 – Never forget you possess and process valuable information (PII, IPs, etc.) within your infrastructure, and that is what cyber criminals need

It is hard for SMB to meet the security posture of large and matured organization but they can minimize the Cyber risk to a greater extent by having certain basic controls in place:

Use Firewall / UTM

A firewall / UTM (Unified Threat Management) acts as a frontline barrier between cyber criminals and your infrastructure. UTM can offer an SMB multiple technological controls, I.e. Firewall, IPS, IDS, Anti-malware, Content filtering etc. Thus, it provides a very good value proposition for a small organization. A firewall / UTM monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and then allows or disallows unauthorised access to your corporate infrastructure.

Anti-Malware Software

Every pop-up window is not what you think. Phishing can be one of the most neglected things, but it can be a game-changer in reality. That is why always be very careful regarding the links you are clicking or websites you are opening. Cyber criminals use different types of malwares to compromise your system and Anti-malware software will provide you the guard against these malicious programs.


In today’s world, most of the organizations are using laptops and their work forces is moving in and out of the secure organization infrastructure. It becomes important to safeguard the data on their moving assets and enabling disk encryption is a solution for this problem. SMBs can opt for native encryption solutions I.e., bit locker for windows and file-vault for Mac devices to save their money along with implementing the desired security control.

Backup Your Critical Data

The hard fact is there is no absolute security and there are still chances of becoming prey to claws of cyberattack. Make sure you keep data backup on your priority list. Another golden tip is to keep it on offsite to some other location which can be safe even if a hacker tries to steal the information.

OS And Application Patching

Another best practice that you can follow is to perform the software updates as soon as the update is out. Otherwise, you are serving all the confidential information and files on the plate to the hacker. The outdated systems offer vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by the Cyber criminals to gain access to your infrastructure.

Subscribe For MDR Services

No matter what we do to protect the environment, it is very important to have detection capabilities to identify any anomaly or threat penetrating our infrastructure at the very initial stage. It’s hard for an SMB to have a full-fledged stack required to have this capability inhouse. Therefore, they can subscribe for a MDR service from external service providers.

Password Hygiene

In most of the attacks, cyber criminals are after your passwords so that they can get access to required resources. Therefore, it is very important to safeguard your credentials. Keep changing the passwords regularly and ensuring use of complex passwords helps a lot in this case.

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