Cybersecurity Awareness in Small Bites (Microlearning)

Businesses and business environments change quickly. Similarly, cybersecurity threats are also evolving at a rapid speed, and the traditional training model to make employees aware of emerging information security risks often falls short. Microlearning has emerged as a potent solution, delivering specific information in small and interesting ways to make people feel relevant and build an information security awareness culture within the organization.

In this blog, we try to emphasize the importance of microlearning in enhancing information security awareness and fortifying defences against cyber threats, and how we include microlearning in all awareness programs that we build for businesses so that they can take full advantage of the program and better prepare their employees to understand cyberattacks and safeguard themselves.

Understanding Microlearning in Information Security

  • Brief and Focused Video: We have divided complex information security topics into crisp, specific parts for a better understanding of non-IT users and made them available on our e-learning platform, SECAWARE, which can be leveraged by our customers to train their employees.
  • Multiple Mediums: We not only use e-learning videos that sometimes can be boring or irrelevant to the employees. We use multiple mediums to feed information, like infographics, emailers, wallpaper, screensavers, etc., that can be referred to by employees on the go to keep themselves updated on information security threats.
  • Design Matters: Instructional design is intimately tied to learning efficiency. Neatly designed content helps build relevancy for the employees. As part of our program, we help businesses by organizing online quizzes, physical events, and games and explaining case studies that keep employees engaged throughout the year and help them interestingly learn about information security.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Our courses and content remain accessible from anywhere, anytime, allowing employees to go through them at their convenience, nurturing continuous learning without disrupting their work routines.
  • Real-life customized simulation scenarios: As part of the awareness program, we conduct customized client-specific real-life simulations via our platform, SECAWARE, to mimic an actual attack scenario to measure human vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, microlearning catalyzes the building of a robust information security culture within organizations. By making use of microlearning, we assist organizations in building a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program that combines regular awareness training activities with frequent touch points featuring short activities, infographics, games, news, and events to effectively educate their users about the evolving landscape of cybersecurity risks.

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