Do’s and Don’ts To Protect Your Business Assets From Cyber Attacks

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After a continuous increase in the reports of Cyber Crime and rising problems, we are here with our second part of some effective tips to protect your business assets from cyber attacks

Do’s of Cybersecurity

Use Anti-Malware Protection:

An anti-malware is software that protects your computer from various malware such as ransomware, spyware, and adware. It is mandatory to use an up-to-date version of the anti-malware software with the latest virus definitions. Almost all anti-malwares provide the option to schedule the real-time and scheduled full scan at the desired frequency, organization must utilize this feature and enable regular scanning to avoid missing any hidden virus in the system.

Cybersecurity today demands use of comprehensive endpoint security solutions like EDR, which combine antivirus and anti-malware software with host firewalls, intrusion detection systems, behaviour response and other technology to provide complete protection. If possible, one should opt for an advanced EDR solution to increase the security of their infra.

Use Of Web / Content Filtering Solution

Web traffic is one of the major sources of infection. Web filtering solution helps organizations in implementing appropriate configuration to control and restrict the internet accessibility.

In general, Web filtering solutions work in two ways, it can block content as determined by quality of the site, by checking known lists which document and categorize websites across all categories of content. Or, they can validate the content of the page live and block it accordingly. Based on the implemented configurations, it blocks users access to malicious sites to avoid harm to their systems. Web filtering tools are excellent methods to help prevent cyber-attacks or loss of critical security data.

Network Segmentation

A network breach is an unavoidable risk online. Attacks can still happen and every organization must implement technological control to restrict the damage. One of the most important approaches to withstand a break-in during network breach is to implement Network segmentation. Network segmentation is a process that divides a network into multiple segments or subnets, each acting as its own small network.

This allows network administrators to control the flow of traffic between subnets based on the policies. Isolating parts / systems of a network limits a cyber criminal’s ability to move lateral through the system. If a section of the network gets breached, other non-affected segments are not compromised.

Logging And Monitoring

Logging and Monitoring helps organizations visualise what is happening in their infrastructure and by analysing the logs organization can detect an attack before it actually does any damage and becomes a security incident. Data collected as logs becomes very handy while managing and troubleshooting any IT systems.

It also helps in achieving the desired compliance and preventing the cyber-attacks before it actually happens. Identifying what logs are to be captured is an essential part of this step and every organization must perform this activity to achieve comprehensive coverage of systems and infrastructure.

Update All Your Software Regularly

You can’t afford to leave any flaw in your software if you want to keep your system and infrastructure secure. Cyber Criminals always look for a window and a point of entry to walk in and gain the access of your devices. It is a never ending battle between the developers of robust software platforms like Windows or Apple and Cyber Criminal.

Developers struggle to find the flaws and write the correct code for the same. The patches (correction code) reach the end users in the form of updates. So, it is necessary that you must maintain all your devices up-to-date and install the updates as soon as they become available. If you don’t, you’re serving your infra on a silver platter to the cyber criminals.

Don’ts of Cybersecurity

Don’t Underestimate Cyber Attacks And Cyber Criminals.

Small businesses usually underestimate the impact a cyber-attack could have on their business and reputation and the steps to be taken to protect it and they commonly don’t know where to start with cyber security prevention and even more don’t think they will fall victim to an attack. Best way to protect against cyber threats is that you have to assume that you are always under the attack. So, make sure that you are always on your toes to protect yourself from any type of attack and prepare yourself from unexpected cybercrime situations.

Minimise Exception Requests:

Every organization must reduce the number of exception requests they approve to bypass the defined process and controls within their system. It is often seen that senior employees and management users are given more privilege than standard users in the defined policies and procedures of the organization.

It is to be noted that senior / management users possess more critical information of the organization and then can act as an entry point for the cyber criminals. Minimising the exception requests also helps in explaining the risk to the stakeholders and creating the awareness regarding information security in the employees.

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