How to Build a Strong Security Awareness Training Program and Metrics

As a security leader of your organization, you understand about rapidly changing cyber threat landscape and how quickly cyber threats are evolving. Human plays a very vital role in ensuring the security of your organization. Whatever security controls you implement, a single mistake a one click can make them ineffective and make your organization vulnerable.

Security awareness training can eliminate and reduce the likelihood of such mistakes. While organizations do organize information security awareness sessions for their employees, often it is done once in a while to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements and security leaders face challenges in engaging and increasing the user’s participation in these training. This also creates one more challenge for them – How to visualize the effectiveness of the training on employee behaviour.

This is where we come into the picture. We help organizations build a training program that covers multiple aspects and provide the training using different mediums such as infographics, wallpaper, cyber news articles, events and micro-learning. We combine our e-learning platform – SECAWARE with other mediums to break serious information security topics into easily understandable pieces and deliver customized and relatable content to keep employees engaged during the entire program cycle. And, also track their behaviour change by executing real-life simulation scenarios.

What can we do for your organization?

We don’t believe in one size fits all approach especially when it comes to security awareness. We sit and discuss with security leaders and the security team of your organization and prepare a custom tailor-made security awareness program calendar that is matched according to your line of business, organization structure and requirements.

Some of the elements that we cover as part of our program are:

  • Highly personalized e-mailers to share information via infographics, news, and case studies.
  • Organizing events such as quizzes, games, computer security day, etc.
  • Providing interactive micro-learning courses to break down complex security topics.
  • Execution of real-life simulation scenarios using our platform – SECAWARE to check the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Monitoring of individual user’s progress to track the change in behaviour

It helps your organization reduce human vulnerability raising security awareness among them and enabling employees to report unnoticed security threats. Which acts as a significant boost to develop a cyber-security-focused culture within the organization.

If this is what you resonate with and it is part of your cyber security strategy and plans for 2024, reach out to us today to work on the most important aspect of any cyber security strategy – THE HUMAN VULNERABILITY and together let us foster a cyber-safe work environment for your business.