How you can secure your Hybrid Workforce in 2021

More and more companies are turning to a hybrid workforce after the COVID-19 pandemic. It started in 2020 when companies followed the work from anywhere policy to ensure the safety of their employees in the healthcare crises. Many companies have already announced they are going to stick to new work flexibilities in the coming time.

Big brands, including Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, proclaimed remote work from anywhere option for their employees. Many employees are really happy with the decision to work from anywhere policy as they get more flexibility, more professional opportunity without shifting to a new place and less commuting. But is it easy for organizations? Managing and securing the work within and outside the corporate network is challenging.

The biggest challenge is how to monitor the remote work devices and keep a regular check on corporate data security. Do you have any idea how the cybersecurity landscape is shaping up in the coming time? With the increasing WFH culture in organizations, cybercrime threats have grown exponentially. In the time, companies adopt new security norms to meet the security needs for changing location office network; hackers get a chance to take advantage. It is no easy feat for defenders to keep the enterprise data protected. Earlier, the data was secure in the security network behind the organization fortifications security. Managing wide and massive work environments have become more complex, and hackers are trying multiple attempts to succeed. Remember, they just need one successful attempt to cause damage.

So, clearly, it has become imperative to prepare employees to be cyber safe when working from home. Here are some of the tips that you should follow to make your organization cyber crime-free.

Develop Cyber Security Policies For Your Employees

Make sure you develop consistent cyber security policies in your organization and convey the policies to your employees. They should have a clear idea of IT policies and protocols. What your cyber safety guidelines should include? Let’s have a look –

  • Employees should use company-approved devices or the company’s property to store and access the data in the corporate networks
  • Use of a strong password, including multiple characters, is mandatory to access corporate resources.
  • Adopting a secure connectivity to corporate resources using VPN / alternates.
  • Provisioning of access based on least privilege (on need basis).
  • Use of multi-factor authentication, wherever possible.
  • Allow only use of approved applications (that have collaboration with your organization) by your employees.
  • Making employees accountable for maintaining the hygiene & compliance of endpoint controls deployed by the organization on their empoints.

These are some of the precautions every organization should follow when it comes to policy formation.

Leverage Advanced Technological Solutions

Most of the companies ensure that they have strong corporate security infrastructure to fight against cybercrime. However, switching to work from home policies changed the concept of traditional corporate security perimeter and VPNs. Usage of cloud applications has increased many folds, but most of them are not investigated as per the security concerns. In this case, the information security team has to take extra safety measures to ensure that employees working from home are using secure technologies.

Security team should ensure some of these important points–

  • All the employees’ software and security products should be updated to the most recent version.
  • Fast, reliable, secure and easy solutions should be provided to users to ensure protection and business continuity.
  • If employees using VPNs, then make sure that they are protected with 2-factor authentication, strong passwords, and are updated with the latest version available for the users.
  • Adopt solutions to protect the cloud environment ie. CASB
  • Make the governance of identity & it’s usage comprehensive & process driven
  • Regular monitoring of the endpoints and remote access security events should be better and increased than before.

Skill Building And Increase Awareness Program

It has become important for every organization to work on skill-building and increase awareness among the employees about cybercrime. So, educate employees about evolving threat landscape and make them ready to prevent, detect, remediate and recover from a cyber-attack. They should understand that after the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increase in phishing attempts and other cyber attacks. So, they should not respond to any email asking for any information- personal, financial or corporate and not to click on any link in unsolicited emails without verifying the sender. The work-from-home setup of employees should be secure, and all the devices and WiFi configured properly. The employees should report the suspected security concerns as soon as possible to the network team.

So, these are some of the imperatives that can secure your hybrid workforce. If you don’t want to risk your company, you should design and implement comprehensive cybersecurity for your environment. Find the top VAPT in Delhi NCR or in your region to get a robust, secure system for your organization.

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