Information Security Awareness – A Need of the Hour

In today’s ever-advancing and always-connected digital world, information is one of the most valuable assets for any organization, irrespective of its line of business. While investing in cutting-edge security technology is crucial, the first line of defence against cyber threats is often your employees. We have seen a small mistake from a single employee can have a disastrous impact. This is why fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness among your staff is not just a good practice—it is a strategic imperative.

  • Understanding the Human Element – In the battle against cyber criminals and cyber threats, we the humans play a pivotal role. Employees, irrespective of their role in the organization have access to the organization’s confidential information. This constant interaction presents both opportunities and risks. Unfortunately, it also makes an organization vulnerable to a wide range of security breaches.

    Phishing emails, for example, rely on the naivety or carelessness of employees to gain access to sensitive data/systems or credentials. This is where information security awareness becomes essential for everyone.

  • Data Breaches Can Prove Very Costly: The data breaches can be financially shattering. The average cost of a data breach continues to rise, including expenses related to investigations, legal actions, penalties and loss of business. Raising awareness among your employees helps prevent these breaches in the first place.
  • Compliance and Legal Consequences: The compliance requirement is increasing and along with the requirements, the penalties against non-compliance are also increasing. Regulations like GDPR and DPDA impose heavy fines for non-compliance to the outlined requirements. Educating your workforce about these regulations, their role and the impact of non-compliance can save your company from legal trouble.
  • Protecting Trust of Interested Parties: Maintaining the trust of the interested parties is essential for every organization. A data breach can severely damage your company’s reputation. When your employees understand the importance of safeguarding confidential data, they become frontline defenders of your brand’s integrity and help in building the trust of the interested parties and respective stakeholders.

Thus, preventing security breaches is far more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath of a breach. Expenses incurred in Information Security awareness training must be treated as an investment in reducing potential financial losses arising due to breaches/cyber-attacks

In conclusion, cybersecurity awareness is not just an IT concern; it is everyone’s responsibility. When employees understand the value of information, and the potential risks, and are cybersecurity aware to safeguard against it, your organization becomes significantly more secure.

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