Make Employees Your First Line of Cyber Defense

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, organizations need to recognize that cybersecurity tools alone cannot guarantee the security of their infrastructure. Yes, they act as a standing guard, but you are only as secure as your weakest link. Humans, due to their nature, intentionally or unintentionally, can open the backdoor for cybercriminals and cause severe damage to businesses. Hence, educating and empowering employees to recognize and respond to potential threats is equally important.

Studies show that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human factors. You may reduce your organization’s risk by adopting SECAWARE and preventing the huge costs associated with data breaches. SECAWARE is a comprehensive platform that not only simulates real-life attack scenarios but also provides targeted learning through multiple mediums.

Let us discuss some of the challenges faced by organizations under the traditional approach of information security awareness, which are as follows:

  • Training all the employees on the same content is not very beneficial. The one-shirt-fit-all approach doesn’t work with cybersecurity awareness training, as it doesn’t consider the unique learning requirements of each employee.
  • Organizations often try to cover all the topics in one or two sessions that they organize. The sessions usually provide general information on several topics but don’t dive into depth on any one topic. The effect of this content dump on employees often leads to a lack of sufficient information, and they fail to identify cyberattacks, and their organizations fail when it comes to being cyber-ready.
  • Participation and scheduling are major challenges for a large audience, as often individual employees don’t have their say in finalizing the schedule, so they usually cannot attend the sessions due to conflicts with their work schedule.
  • Measuring effectiveness and metrics becomes very difficult with the traditional models. Organizations often don’t have the option to take feedback, test learners’s understanding of the topic, and execute real-life simulations on users.

Our learning management platform SECAWARE along with our comprehensive information security awareness program offering provides a big edge over the traditional awareness training approach. Such as:

  • Gamification and interactive video drive learning by dividing difficult cybersecurity concepts into easy, small chunks of information, avoiding situations of content overload for the users.
  • These small and medium-sized trainings can be accessed by the users anytime at their convenience, offering flexibility to avoid hindrances to their work schedule.
  • As part of the awareness program, we conduct customized client-specific real-life simulations via our platform, SECAWARE, to mimic an actual attack scenario to measure the effectiveness of the training and human vulnerabilities.
  • We use multiple mediums to feed information, like infographics, emailers, wallpaper, screensavers, etc., that can be referred to by employees on the go to keep themselves updated on information security threats.
  • As part of our program, we help organizations by organizing online quizzes, physical events, and games and explaining case studies that keep employees engaged throughout the year and help them interestingly learn about information security.

To summarize, it helps your organization by reducing vulnerabilities related to human by raising their security awareness and making them aware to safeguard themselves from falling into cyber-attacks. Thus, helping to increase the overall cyber-security-focused culture within the organization.

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