Reasons Why You Should Take Cyber Security Seriously For Your Business

If you are operating your business on the online platform, then cybersecurity is the need of the hour to secure your website. There are many ways through which hackers can have access to your business and its information.

Some of the most common cyber threats are Phishing, Malware, Impersonation / BEC, Application attack, Supply chain attack, DoS attack etc.. There is only one way to save your company and its reputation, which is to have robust cybersecurity.

If you are wondering what adopting a sound cybersecurity practice will do for you:

1) Secure your infra & data

Cybersecurity will not only secure your IT infrastructure but also secure your company’s confidential data and of your clients who have trusted you. A business is successful when it has a vast client base. To maintain your client base, you have to keep the trust they have in you.

2) Prevent loss of productivity & revenue

A cyber attack can cause damage to your critical functions & may hamper your productivity. Any downtime in the production environment has a direct impact on revenue. Similarly, when teams after a cyber attack, get engaged in containment, eradication or recovery, a significant man hours goes the drain, which has an indirect impact to productivity & revenue. Cybersecurity will let your business run uninterrupted.

3) Protect brand reputation

Your company’s reputation is on stake because if your business becomes the victim of cybercrime, then your reputation in industry is gone. It takes years to build a brand but one single breach or lapse in cyber security can ruin it forever. If that happens, you’ll lose trust from clients, partners, customers, investors etc. Cybersecurity prevent any damage to your hard earned business reputation.

4) Avoid skyrocketing expenses

In some cases, hackers steal the information and then demand a ransom for it. There have been situations where companies are left with two options either pay the heavy ransom amount or shut down the company.

The after breach forensic & recovery too demands expertise & specialized teams, which comes at huge cost. That will be way too expensive then you can even imagine. A good cybersecurity practice avoids any compromise / breach & thus save you from these unforscene huge expenses.

5) Save your business from legal hassles

Companies across the globe have been facing several heavy legal suites & fines because they failed to protect customer, employee, partener data in a cyber attack. Therefore, it’s very important to have done the right due diligence & perform due care by implementing comprehensive cybersecurity.

6) Increasing cyber attacks

The next thing which makes cybersecurity more critical is the increasing number of a cyber attack. While well-funded and highly skilled hackers pose a significant risk to your company, the wide availability on the internet of hacking tools and programmes also means that less skilled people are also becoming a threat. Cybercrime commercialization has made it easy for anyone to obtain the resources they need to launch harmful attacks, such as ransomware and crypto mining. Cybersecurity


Steps must be taken to mitigate cybersecurity threats because of the sheer amount of information companies, customers and other people put out there in digital form. For this reason, to protect their data and systems, companies must work with a professional IT support company.

If you don’t have in-house skillset to design & implement cybersecurity for your environment, a small search in google for top VCISO in Delhi NCR or for top cybersecurity consultants in Delhi NCR or your region will list a few cyber security expert around you who can help you to save your company from any malicious attack. We (Cybersec Knights) are also one of them. If you are looking for why you should take cybersecurity seriously or need any help implementing it, then feel free to contact us.