SecAware: The Most Comprehensive Security Awareness Tool

Studies show that more than 90% of data breaches involve human-related vulnerabilities. This includes employees falling for phishing attacks, leaking confidential information under social engineering attacks, losing credentials due to insecure practices, etc. Organizations can mitigate these vulnerabilities by arming their employees with the knowledge they need to recognize potential threats and know how to safely respond to them. Low-security awareness among employees is the top barrier to organizations establishing effective defenses.

Our most comprehensive security awareness tool, SecAware, is designed to empower individuals within an organization with the knowledge they need to recognize, respond to, and mitigate security risks. This includes understanding the latest phishing tactics, recognizing social engineering attempts, and being aware of the importance of strong password practices.

Using SecAware, an organization can perform various types of attack simulations to measure the awareness status of employees. These attack simulations include:


The following are some of the benefits that an organization can get from SecAware:

  • Realistic simulation attacks that provide real-world scenarios to test their employees’ ability to identify phishing attacks.
  • Engaging and interactive training modules that cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of cybersecurity to advanced principles.
  • Enriched content helps in improving user engagement and participation.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools provide insights into the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness programs.
  • Metrics such as click-through rates on simulated phishing emails, completion rates for training modules, individual vulnerability scores, and overall improvement in employee awareness contribute to measuring success.
  • Enables organizations to meet their regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • The program helps in measuring an organization’s cyber resilience and improves security posture.

Along with SecAware, the tool, we offer a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program driven by a calendar, which covers detailed offerings tailor-made to each client’s requirements to safeguard your organization against a range of cyber threats, including phishing attacks.

Unlock the next level of cybersecurity awareness by adopting SecAware. Simulate the real-life threats to test your defense. Educate your employees with insightful and gamified cybersecurity awareness videos. Elevate your defenses by fixing HUMAN VULNERABILITY. Reach out to us TODAY.