SecAware - Best Security Awareness Tool

We understand that human error and lack of awareness can pose significant risks to your organization's security. That's why we have developed the top cybersecurity awareness tool, that combines threat simulation and awareness in perfect harmony. Unleash the power of Threat Simulation & Cybersecurity Awareness by adopting one of the best security awareness tool in the market - SecAware. This Phishing simulation platform can be used for:

  • Phishing Simulation
  • Smishing Simulation
  • QR Code Phishing Simulation
  • Vishing Simulation
  • WhatsApp Phishing Simulation

Are you searching for best phishing simulators tool? Try SecAware to test your employees' ability to recognize and respond to these different social engineering attacks. This breadth of threat simulation offered, specially WhatsApp Phishing simulation & QR Code Phishing simulation, makes SecAware, best Phishing simulation tool in the market. These exercises provide invaluable insights into the vulnerability score of each employee and allow you to identify areas that require additional training or security measures.

To make learning engaging and enjoyable, SecAware offers a wide range of gamified e-learning videos covering various cybersecurity topics. Quizzes clubbed with these videos allow you to measure their awareness level / learning. This makes this tool part of cybersecurity awareness program for leading brands.This one of the top Phishing simulation tools, also comes along an email plugin that allows your employees to report any phishing or suspicious email they receive.

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