vCISO Service offerings and benefits

Every organization as part of their security journey needs to have a senior leadership to govern and lead their information security program & achieve the desired level of maturity. While large organizations enjoy a large team & being led by CISOs, things are difficult for SMBs / SMEs. Hiring a senior security leader could be a big challenge for small and medium businesses due to financial implications & lack of security org within the organization.

This is where vCISO service comes in handy. With Virtual CISO service, organizations instead of hiring CISO on their payroll, outsourced the roles and responsibilities to an external service provider / professional. This vCISO owns the regular CISO responsibilities but delivers them on a subscription-based model. This allows these small organizations to get the same cybersecurity direction and guidance similar to a giant corporation.

Role of vCISO service: The vCISO service allows the client to onboard a cybersecurity expert, who leads the security practice of the organization as a neutral external force. Who owns the roles & responsibilities of a full-time CISO, but at a significantly lesser cost. Some of the important roles and responsibilities handled by a vCISO are as follows:

  • Developing Cybersecurity strategy: vCISO helps in developing cybersecurity strategy, a roadmap for the organization that includes short and long-term objectives in alignment with their business objectives.
  • Risk & Compliance: vCISO leads a detailed technical risk assessment to identify and understand the risks that an organization has in the established policies/controls, and regular tracking of risks and controls to comply with regulatory requirements. It supports organizations to make risk-informed decisions, manage risks, and improve company resiliency.
  • Technology Rollout: vCISO helps in setting the direction for the implementation and roll-out of new technologies and security initiatives. Guides the team as and when required to avoid de-railing of the project objectives.
  • Operations: vCISO helps in understanding the skill set gap and legacy thought process. He/she is responsible to drive the digital transformation of the organization’s operations and new initiatives.
  • Governance: Initiatives do fail if not governed properly. Leveraging a thorough planning & comprehensive governance framework, vCISO ensures that all security initiatives or operational activities are effectively governed.
  • Visibility & Continual improvement: Often organization’s senior leadership lacks visibility of their environment, such as what is the risk they possess, resource & technology performance status, supply chain challenges. vCISO communicates with leadership in the business language that they understand & put forward the risk in the right perspective. Thus, they gain management support for all future initiatives.
  • vCISO helps drive the Information security awareness program across the organization to educate the employee workforce.

We have helped our clients by providing these high-class cyber security services. Following are some of the benefits that they have achieved with this service:

  • Professional Leadership from an experienced vCISO.
  • Business objectives aligned information security strategy and roadmap.
  • Improved cyber security compliance & maturity
  • Effective security governance
  • Controlled & optimized security spending
  • Effective threat detection, response, and remediation
  • Advanced, versatile & situational knowledge
  • Affordable service

Why Is Cybersec Knights The Best Option When It Comes To Cyber Security Services?

Multiple firms/professionals around you can help with vCISO services. All you have to do is to search for organizations offering high-quality cyber security services. Cybersec Knights are one of the esteemed service providers in this space that you can reach out to.

We recognize that each organization & its challenges are unique and have its own set of requirements. As per our ideology, we don’t provide “out of the box” solutions, but rather tailor the products & services to the demands of their clients and assist them in growing their businesses.

We are a group of highly trained individuals with expertise in a variety of security fields and experience in a variety of industries. This allows us to better understand & serve the client’s needs and provide them with comprehensive solutions. We aim at establishing long-term strategic relationships with the clients by providing high-quality advice and reliable support.