What is Digital Arrest Scam and How to avoid it?

In today’s internet-connected world, scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeting individuals and businesses alike. The “Digital Arrest” scam is a widespread method used by cybercriminals. At Cybersec Knights, we are dedicated to grooming 100,000 cyber warriors in 2024 by providing detailed cybersecurity awareness services. It’s crucial to inform the community about this threat and offer practical advice to avoid falling victim to it.

What is a Digital Arrest Scam?

The Digital Arrest Scam is a phishing attack where scammers impersonate law enforcement, forcing victims to stay on video calls to make payments or divulge personal information under threat of exposing fabricated legal cases.

Here’s how it typically works

  • Initial Contact: Scammers send emails, texts, or calls pretending to be from government agencies or police, using official-looking logos and similar email addresses to appear credible.
  • Scare Ploy: Scammers intimidate targets by claiming they are under investigation for crimes like drug involvement and use complex terms to confuse them, insisting they stay online.
  • Urgent Action Required: To avoid arrest, victims are pressured to make immediate payments, provide sensitive information, or click malicious links, with scammers creating a sense of urgency.
  • Aftermath of the scam: If the victim pays, scammers often continue to exploit them for more money or personal details, leading to prolonged financial and emotional consequences.

How to avoid it?

  • Verify the source: Always verify communications claiming to be from government agencies or law enforcement; real officers won’t discuss arrests over the phone or social media.
  • Be skeptical of unsolicited messages: Be cautious of unsolicited messages demanding immediate action or threatening severe consequences; reputable organizations don’t handle legal matters via email or text.
  • Check for Red flags: Look for signs of phishing, like poor grammar, spelling errors, and generic greetings; reputable organizations typically send error-free, personalized messages.
  • Don’t panic: If unsure, hang up or close the message without sharing personal information or money. Contact real authorities yourself and consider filing a police report.


The Digital Arrest Scam manipulates fear and urgency to force hasty decisions. As one of the best cybersecurity companies in India, Cybersec Knights uses its unified LMS platform SECAWARE and comprehensive Security Awareness program to educate employees on recognizing and responding to such threats. We also help businesses implement robust email filtering solutions and establish protocols for verifying and handling suspicious messages, ensuring prompt identification and reporting of potential scams.

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