Why Your Business Needs Regular Security Testing

Cyber-attacks have increased many folds, but most of the companies are not putting enough efforts to protect themselves. Hackers can hack the data and can re-use it in the most harmful way, and they can even put misleading information into the system.

Cybersecurity is crucial to protect your data, devices, programs, networks, and systems from cyber-attacks. It includes a mix of technologies, controls, processes and several operational activities to make sure that cyber-attacks don’t affect the business adversely.

So, it is imperative to safeguard your company with some strict security measures. With the dynamic threat landscape that’s getting ugly with every passing day, companies are feeling the urgent need for cybersecurity testing that they never felt before.

Security testing in forma of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis & Configuration Reviews etc. plays an important role in validating the strength of your guard. Also this can’t be a one time exercise but needs to be done regularly. Still not convinced that why your business needs regular security testing? Let’s check out a few reasons why it is crucial for your business’s health and security.

Figure Out Hidden Issues & Weaknesses

One of the effective ways to test the security exposure of your applications & infra is by finding how its security can be compromised. After installing new apps and infrastructure, businesses usually conduct security testing to ensure that the system does not contain code mistakes, software bugs, and service configuration errors which can allow cyber-attacks to affect the system.

Penetration testing efficiently checks the ability of the system and how much it can withstand external cyber-attacks. In testing, the action has performed that acts as a potential hacker to attack the system weaknesses.

Keep An Eye On Changing Infra

With the change in business requirements or while ramping our security posture, organizations often introduce new components (server, app, device etc.), which may work independently or may integrate with existing infra components. This change in infra may introduce new exposure to cyber risks & new avenues that attackers can look for to penetrate our defense. Therefore, the regular assessment in form of security testing keeps such newly introduced risks under visibility & control.

New Vulnerabilities Surfacing Everyday

Number of vulnerabilities being discovered is increasing every year. 2020 saw maximum (18,103) security vulnerabilities disclosed in a year. Additional worrying factors are that 57% of these disclosed vulnerabilities (10,342) were classified as being ‘critical’ or ‘high’ severity. Also Low complexity CVEs are also on the rise, representing 63% of vulnerabilities disclosed, which means they can be exploited easily. Not to ignore, 68% of these disclosed Vulnerabilities required no user interaction to exploit. This clearly shows that we need continuous security testing to find & remediate any possible vulnerability / security risk we are exposed to.

DevOps To DevSecOps

The new world & the way business has to cope with new developments, the releases cycle in organizations has reduced drastically. New functions, features & capabilities are being added in a short time span. With this urgency, we can’t keep our eyes off from security. Adopting DevSecOps, we need to bake security into the rapid-release cycles. Security testing is required at different phases of the project lifecycle to reduce manual errors or to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Regulatory & Contractual Requirements

With cyber security becoming a business risk & even a national threat, several security frameworks or regulatory guidelines are making it mandatory to conduct security testing of crown jewels or internet exposed infra at regular basis. It is important to follow the security regulations mandated by leading security standards & regulators. Especially when it comes to healthcare, technical and financial institutions, compliance with regulations is important to avoid the hefty fines imposed by the authorities. Also with supply chain attacks on rise, business partners are now making this security requirement part of their contract.

It’s Business Enabler

Protecting your partner’s data, client data or user data is a prime responsibility for any organization. Stakeholders connect with your company only after trusting you that their data is secure with you. Your regular security testing exercises, build their trust and it shows that you take online threats seriously. Building a good reputation in the market helps you gain more business.

Long-Term Investment

Many businesses, especially start-ups, don’t prefer to spend money on cybersecurity testing. They have the perception that they have to pay a lot of money for the service time & again. But, they don’t understand that the cost of security testing is far less as compared to the value it provides. You may spend a few bucks now but it saves huge losses you may incur in the long run by protecting your systems.

No More Network Downtime

Numerous businesses opt for cybersecurity testing multiple times in a year to ensure that there is no network downtime. If your business suffers network downtime, then it can cost you much higher than your expectation. In this case, penetration testing experts can help you to find which security measures are right for your business.

If you want to enhance security for your business and don’t have an in-house skillset to do regular security testing for your environment, a small search in Google for top cybersecurity companies in Delhi NCR or VAPT in Delhi NCR or Penetration Testing in Delhi NCR or in your region will list a few cybersecurity experts around you who can help you to save your company from any malicious attack.

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