Why Choose a Virtual CISO to Solve Your Cybersecurity Demands

Cybersecurity is More Important Than Ever, Don’t Ignore It!

We all understand that cybersecurity risk is one of the top risks for any business. Also, many organizations understand that, even after implementing all the security measures, cyber-attacks are able to crack the robust cybersecurity systems. Businesses are losing millions of dollars just because they fail to arm themselves with the desired technologies or processes or most importantly, a team having expertise in the cybersecurity field.

Choosing a Virtual CISO (vCISO) for your business can save you from a lot of cyber-attack worries. Yes, you read it right !! Once you engage a Virtual CISO, then you can be assured that you are in safe hands. CISO is a very important role in the security organization of any company. He drafts the security strategy, roadmap & rollout the plans on the ground. This vCISO owns the regular CISO responsibilities but delivers them on a subscription-based model.

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Below are some of the advantages of engaging a Virtual CISO to address your cybersecurity requirements :

1) Cost-Effective Way

Are you planning to hire an in-house CISO? Well, it is a good idea but does your pocket allow it? An experienced & good in-house CISO would cost you a lot. May be around INR 5000,000 annually. On the other hand, for a virtual CISO, you just have to pay a part of it, depending on the engagement terms. As they provide services to multiple organizations, the cost of their services is divided into multiple parts. This way, you can reduce your payroll costs, and you will spend 40-50% less than hiring a dedicated in-house CISO.

2) Advanced, Versatile & Situational Knowledge

While an in-house CISO will have limited view of the ‘normal’ for the organization and what has happened previously, the vCISO, being engaged with multiple organizations, will be dealing with a variety of situations. He will be able to potentially gain more insights and condensed experiences. Being in the industry for many years helps virtual CISOs to gain advanced & versatile & situational knowledge. The experience of working with multiple organizations helps virtual CISOs understand that different organizations requirement & different strategies. So, they offer bespoke services to every organization.

3) Good Comparison, Insights & Connects From The Industry

There is a constant demand from the top management to give a view on how they compare, if they’re above/below industry trends, and what is their level of maturity. A traditional CISO may not be able to provide that insight, as they are not working across multiple organizations, whereas a vCISO would give that perspective. Also as a vCISO has more industry contacts, they maintain a good relationship with other cybersecurity specialists and participate in discussions / events, this helps them to learn fast and find support on any technical issue faster without much delay. In contrast, in-house employees in an organization usually don’t have enough connections in the industry.

4) Capability To Put Situations Into The Industry Context

Again, because a vCISO has that holistic view of the organization, the industry, monitoring trends, and following best practices – they can leverage their experiences to enhance the security posture and bring in innovative solutions according to the various situations.

5) Continuous External Validation

A critical part of any implementation is, ensuring we don’t get so engrossed in our own thoughts and approaches, we lose sight of the bigger picture. This is the reason, often organizations goes for an external audit. vCISO, being a person external to the organization, can provide external validation when reviewing new implementation, making any decisions or planning any strategy / roadmap. As they are not part of the organization, they don’t have to follow office agendas and politics. They get work because of their reputation, and they implement strategies that can secure the business.

vCISO is a brilliant solution that can enhance an organization by bringing in expertise, external validation, and freeing up the capacity of the in-house team to take action. Now that you have understood the advantage of engaging a Virtual CISO and if keen to leverage this service to improve the security posture of your organization, contact the experts of Cybersec Knights.

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